How Do We Change the Security Mindset

PSeMSProject GriffinCommunication

It takes a community to protect an environment!


Welcome; I look forward to meeting you – virtually. 


  • Practice Guide: CSBP – PSeMS
  • GAP Analysis: Evaluation
  • Collaboration: Development
  • Resources: MS Teams onboarding
  • Environment Communications
    • Dashboard Capabilities
    • User Capabilities
    • Parallel Social Media Notices

Other Training Programs

  • Behavioral Risk & Verification Operations (BRAVO)
  • Environment Security Strategy
  • Griffin Train the Trainer
  • Griffin on the Go (Operational Deterrence)
  • Mass Environment Communication Strategy

Part 1: Community Engagement and Tactics


  • To explain what Project Griffin International is, how to implement and how it can assist in developing a security culture
  • To explain What BRAVO and Griffin on the GO tactics are and how to integrate into your environment

Learning outcomes:

  • Appreciate What Project Griffin is and how it can benefit your organisation and influence organisational security culture
  • How proven operational tactics can increase public awareness and reduce opportunity of crime

Part 2: Security Risk Management in a complex Work


  • To explain what the next crisis may be
  • To high light where organisations had failure
  • To explain how organisations can be more resilient
  • Change the culture of yesteryear

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand why organisations fail
  • Understand why organisations need to prepare
  • Understand how the community and communication can help

Part 3: Communication Methods for Mass and Targeted Information


  • Explain how the environment system works
  • Review how the value of the features and capabilities
  • Explain functional aspects in relation to operational to crisis

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand how to use the system
  • Understand how to provide mass and geo-fenced notifications
  • Understand next steps in testing, on-boarding, and design to implementation

Eyes Wide Open