Our goal is to find technology that serves the human element in the prevention, protection, and preparedness of persons and critical infrastructure is of value. We endeavor to bring such technology to security environments so that they may make reliable and knowledgeable decisions.


We started our first pilot programs in 2010 with 1 Pass, a concept project using facial recognition with a global database and controlled locally. During the month the pilot was used in a live secured environment, the system demonstrated results showing 77% of those entering were admitted under secure requirements in 2 seconds, and 26% in 1 second, both almost faster that one can grasp the door after hearing the buzzer unlock; and as fast as using their plastic credential, which could be handed to anyone.  The overall security results were very satisfactory, especially considering where we were in the 2012 time period.  Unfortunately, the company involved did not continue with this path.  But we contributed to the security midset and started our path to exploring and finding solutions to mitigate risk in mass and critical infrastructure environments.

PANYNJ pilot ine pass


Our first pilot program progressed in 2010, using exciting new facial recognition software. This video documented the vision.


In late 2010 we demonstration the solution at the SIA East New York Security Show.


In 2012, our first pilot was conducted at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey entering the secured door into the Office of Emergency Management.



The Global Year of 9/11 Remembrance, We Are Please to Announce:

– Technology Innovation –

We have been working with companies since 2014 on effective environment communication, it all started after the active shooter incident at Los Angeles International Airport when over 20 agencies responded and could effectively communicate with each other, and we had mass, uncontrolled evacuation.  This same incident challenged continued with several other agencies around the world.

We began working with the Atlas One project as they developed their next-generation communication system after 10 years of a successful legacy system with over 100 agencies.  We are pleased our efforts have culminated in a joint program where the  Morrone 9/11 Center will sponsor an Essential environment system with unlimited users for mass and geo-fenced layered notifications. Designed for operational to a crisis, and at no cost to government and public authorities anywhere in the world on a perpetual basis.  For details > start here