Security Best Practices

Organizations can reduce the risk to themselves, their employees and customers by remaining vigilant, being security minded and having good security measures in place. A small investment in security measures helps to protect businesses against crime and make the work of terrorists and hostile foreign states more difficult. In addition to guidance provided on this website, further security measures can be obtained from from our best practice section. This is provided at not cost to the organization. The advice they provide takes into account both conventional and non-conventional operational and terrorist techniques. Our staff can provide additional referral to Advisors who can work closely with your security and police force or if required government departments and other agencies.</p> <p>See below for contact details. If you have an immediate threat contact your local police department.

The Morrone 9/11 Center Team

We endeavor to build resources that assist authorities globally to make them a safer place.  From operations to escalating events, activities and incidents, placing emphasis on prevention is the first priority, always with protection and preparedness.  To do this we look at best practices, lessons learned, subject matter experts, and finding solution and using simple procedures to innovative technology that supports the human element.

By being prepared for the worst provides a safe environment every day and contributes to the well being of operational requirements. Form day to day crime, natural disasters to elements of insider threat, cyber attacks, and event an active shooter incident are real threats in today’s world.

There needs to be preventative efforts. Using best practices will start an effective path that will not only enhance security, but provide operational, emergency and crisis preparation for the protection and preparedness of the environment.

Security requires a holistic approach.  It is also best when it is embraced on a top down manner.  Gone are the days when police alone can protect an environment by themselves.  Security, real security needs to be embraced at every level.  It requires management down to every employee, and even other individuals who are part of the work environment.

In short, it takes the community to protect the environment.