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Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) offers security guidance on prevention, protection, and preparedness - designed to be embraced by those who have an obligation within public transportation, critical infrastructure, and mass-public environments. The Practice embraces risk mitigation within the environment through stakeholder and community engagement.

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Lessons Learned, Evidenced Based Practices & Quality Management Systems

Project Griffin International

The Community Security Best Practice is based on lessons learned, evidence based practices, and PSeMS quality management methods that provide a structured and proactive framework for assuring an organization’s security. It incorporates an approach to security that addresses the components of information, physical, cyber, and personnel, and incorporates the requirement of accountability at a senior level within the organization. And how government authorities and associated stakeholders using the framework can provide a more secure and safe environment.

The 9/11 Team

Learn What is Included in the Practice Guide; Review the Practice Preview:

Practice Guide Preview – Practice Guide
 – Self Gap Analysis
 – Mass Geo Software
 – Orientation training
 – Follow up Reviews
 – Optional Training
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What Your Authority Will Learn About – How to Evaluate Your Environment – How to implement the Strategy – And How to Implement the Software


The Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) guidance chapters provide a strategy based on the following three areas:

  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Primary Considerations

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Security Scope and Evaluation

  • Learning from History

  • Port Security Management Systems

  • Security Integration

  • Security Risk Planning

  • Intelligence

  • Joint Port Intelligence
  • Insider Threat

  • Communications

  • Media

  • Technology Systems

  • Closed Circuit Television

  • Crisis Response

  • Training and Exercising

  • Staff Requirements

  • Evidenced Based Practices

  • Registration

  • 90 – Minute Training Overview
  • Training and Services Provided

  • Portals and Communication

  • Evaluation, Review & Certification

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Project Griffin International (PGI) is a wide-ranging strategy to improve and support security in environments where people gather, participate, or work by helping to reduce their vulnerability to terrorism and other threats. The strategy is based on the proven proactive operational imperatives of; Protect, Prevent, and Prepare. This integrated approach provides for a Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) methodology and approach to education, tactics, collaborative communication, and effective technology integration.

PSeMS was the outcome of a multi-year program led by McClumpha Associates Limited working closely with senior representatives of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). We are pleased to welcome Andrew McClumpha as part of the InterPortPolice team, and our lead PSeMS expert. The Protective Security Management Systems [PSeMS] is a product of the United Kingdom’s Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

Andrew McClumpha
Head, Standards & Practices