Project Griffin

Project Griffin International

Project Griffin International (PGI) is a non-profit police and security initiative designed to assist government, public authorities, transportation security, critical infrastructure, security operations, and mass event environments implement strategic action in an environment to provide a safer and less vulnerable community. In addition, the program provides a critical communication management smart app to manage and control your environments communication for community intelligence, mass notification, operational, and crisis management use.  It is integrated with social media platforms to further reach the community who may be following the authority but do not have the communication app.

Being ready for events from weather to criminal and terrorist activity in today’s world means changing the security mindset. Project Griffin (PGI) will put in place a strategy and tactics to meet today’s challenges. An organization’s, safety and image are at stake. There are no second chances.  Using the eyes and years of personnel to the public, it is not only a deterrence mechanism if well publicized, but an effect tool to have timely information moved back and forth from a customer service, operational to criminal activity perspective.  In fact when the program is well implemented and developed it offers a whole new level of security and services to the commnity. 

Eyes Wide open