9/11 Medal & Awards


We honor our fallen colleagues and all those who continue the fight against terrorism and other serious crime within our global communities.   We strive to advance innovation, educate, train, and provide best practices to achieve these efforts for critical infrastructure, mass events, transportation, and border security; to ensure no authority is derived from knowledge and access though our assistance programs for the good of public safety to make a safer world.


We gather to honor our past heroes so we never forget the sacrifices made on 9/11, 7/7 and the other terrorist attacks around the world; and celebrate those officers and officials from around the world who make a difference each and every day.

Often unknown to the public, these officers and officials provide a safe community, Nation, and the world in their fight against organized and lone act terrorism.

We therefore recognize those who are among the best in the world, making it a safer place and honor their ​efforts.

Learn more about our Honors program for law enforcement, public safety officials, government authorities and leaders, and to those who innovate that protect and serve authorities well in the protection of the public safety.