International Forums

The Morrone 9/11 Center assist in participation and facilitating global forum program focusing on threat issues.  This has included world authorities presenting how to conduct information exchange regarding the various risk management approaches that represent what nations and authorities have adopted; and what they should be considering. Other issues included improving inter-agency cooperation, threat and vulnerability assessments, risk management, enhancing the effectiveness of access control and identity authentication, communication, cyber, and incident response.  Discussion and presentations identified and promulgate resources, best practices, and future work priorities pertaining to the port security committees.

We strive to participate and bring officials and other leaders together to engage, discuss, learn, and provide solutions to our world challenges from protecting the supply chain, ​aviation and other transportation security issue, and mass environment security conditions.  Our challenges in security change, and we need to be at the ready to keep information, tactics, practices and innovation in the forefront.