In thier names; we shall never forget

For Their Actions on

September 11, 2001

On This Day September 11, 2012, In the City of New York

Port Authority Police Department

In Acceptance for the Recipient’s Families

Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety

Michael Fedorko IPM

We Bestow as the Inaugural Recipients of the

International Police & Public Safety

9/11 Medal with Valor


Conspicuous Gallantry and Intrepidity in Action

at the

 Risk of their Own Life Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

City of New York Police Department

In Acceptance for the Recipient’s Families

First Deputy Commissioner

Rafael Pineiro

Superintendent, Ferdinand (Fred) V. Morrone  IPMv

Chief James A. Romito IPMv

Lieutenant Robert D. Cirri IPMv

Inspector Anthony P. Infante, Jr. IPMv

Captain Kathy Nancy Mazza IPMv

Sergeant Robert M. Kaulfers IPMv

Officer Donald James McIntyre IPMv

Officer Walter Arthur McNeil IPMv

Officer Joseph Michael Navas IPMv

Officer James Nelson IPMv

Officer Alfonse J. Niedermeyer IPMv

Officer James Wendell Parham IPMv

Officer Dominick A. Pezzulo IPMv

Officer Antonio J. Rodrigues IPMv

Officer Richard Rodriguez IPMv

Officer Bruce Albert Reynolds IPMv

Officer Christopher C. Amoroso IPMv

Officer Maurice V. Barry IPMv

Officer Clinton Davis, Sr. IPMv

Officer Donald A. Foreman IPMv

Officer Gregg J. Froehner IPMv

Officer Uhuru Gonga Houston IPMv

Officer George G. Howard IPMv

Officer Thomas E. Gorman IPMv

Officer Stephen Huczko, Jr. IPMv

Officer Paul William Jurgens IPMv

Officer Liam Callahan IPMv

Officer Paul Laszczynski IPMv

Officer David Prudencio Lemagne IPMv

Officer John Joseph Lennon, Jr. IPMv

Officer John Dennis Levi IPMv

Officer James Francis Lynch IPMv

Officer John P. Skala IPMv

Officer Walwyn W. Stuart IPMv

Officer Jr., Kenneth F. Tietjen IPMv

Officer Nathaniel Webb IPMv

Officer Michael T. Wholey IPMv






International Police and Public Safety 9/11 Medal was first awarded at a ceremony in New York City.  Based on the recommendation of the INTERPORTPOLICE, those who continue to serve with exceptional distinction and valour, in the fight of terrorism and serious transnational crime continued to be honored.

The Fred V. Morrone Memorial 9/11 Medal was established in 2007 to support the Morrone Educational Fund in honor of Superintendent Fred V. Morrone; our friend, our colleague and Executive Vice President of the INTERPORTPOLICE at the time of his death, (the highest-ranking official and police officer to parish on September 11, 2001).  In 2016 the Morrone 9/11 Center was made a standalone chartered 501 c3 nonprofit organization.  The 9/11 Center manages the process of the nominations and ceremony.

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Sergeant Timothy A. Roy, Sr. IPMv

Sergeant John Gerard Coughlin IPMv

Sergeant Rodney C. Gillis IPMv

Sergeant Michael S. Curtin IPMv

Detective Joseph V. Vigiano IPMv

Detective Claude Daniel Richards IPMv

Officer Moira Ann Smith IPMv

Officer Ramon Suarez IPMv

Officer Paul Talty IPMv

Officer Santos Valentin, Jr. IMPv

Officer Walter E. Weaver IPMv.

Officer Ronald Philip Kloepfer IPMv

Officer Thomas M. Langone IPMv

Officer James Patrick Leahy IPMv

Officer Brian Grady McDonnell IPMv

Officer John William Perry IPMv

Officer Glen Kerrin Pettit IPMv

Officer John D’Allara IPMv

Officer Vincent Danz IPMv

Officer Jerome M. P. Dominguez IPMv

Officer Stephen P. Driscoll IPMv

Officer Mark Joseph Ellis IPMv

Officer Robert Fazio, Jr. IPMv