Griffin, On The Go

As part of the Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) security guidance on prevention, protection, and preparedness, Griffin in the the Go is a effective and quick way to begin changing the security mindset of police, security, other stakeholders, and the community through engagement.

- Lean and implement this evidenced based practice and jurisdiction notification and alert software for your community: At No Cost -

Griffin on the Go: Lessons Learned, an Evidenced Based Practice used Globally


Griffin on the Go is a subset of The Community Security Best Practice is based on lessons learned, evidence-based practices, and PSeMS quality management methods that provide a structured and proactive framework for assuring an organization’s security.  It incorporates an effective method and quick method to engage the community and prevent crime through non gatherings and intelligence led policing. Learn more and how to this tactic has be used globally.

Included in the program, is a no cost notification and alert system that can keep the authority in touch with the community through a single app or those who follow your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Realtime information that can be broadcasted to the entire authority or to extremely specific areas, depending on the need. Citizens can even choose places to follow, such as work or school locations.

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