Community Security Mindset

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It takes a community to protect an environment!

Security Best Practices

Both authorities and organizations can reduce the risk to themselves, their employees, and the public by remaining vigilant, being security minded, and having good security measures in place. A small investment in security measures helps to protect businesses against crime and makes them available for internal and external individuals to assist in identifying customer service to crime. In addition to the guidance provided on this website, further security measures can be obtained from our best practices to communications, and all at no cost to the authority as part of our goal to make the world a safer place. The advice provided takes into account both conventional and non-conventional operational to serious crime techniques. In addition, our staff can provide additional referrals to advisors and experts who can work closely with your security and police force or if required government departments and other agencies.

Collaboration & Communication are the Key


The CSBP – PSeMS environment security guide, GAP Analysis, and  mass environment Geo Software are designed as a low-cost, and sustainable project.  Major portions are made available at no initial or ongoing costs in our commitment to make the world a safer place.  The courses are taught by members of the INTERPORTPOLICE. This effort was made possible through the efforts of a number of authorities and experts.  There are however considerations that need to be taken into account when implementing the project:                               

  • The Users – Personnel to Public
  • Administrator(s) – Those Managing
  • Executives  – Project Champions
  • Implementation – Design to outreach
  • Additional licenses and upgrades – optional
  • Outside help – supporting requirements to professional assistance
  • Communication – engage the environments citizens and personnel

With those considerations in mind, we look forward to you learning and considering this valuable security practice.

Meet Neville Hay, Start with Training Below:

From the day to day routine operational issues every authority addresses to heightened emergencies which can include Insider threat, human trafficking, cyber attacks, and active shooter incidents; are a real reality and need to be of concern in today’s world.  But, being prepared for the best to the worst provides a safe environment every day and contributes to the well being of operational requirements; and more.

There is a need for preventative efforts. Using best practices will start an effective path that will not only enhance security but provide operational, emergency, and crisis preparation for the protection and preparedness of the environment.

Security requires a holistic approach.  It is also best when it is embraced from the top-down manner.  Gone are the days when police alone can protect an environment by themselves.  Security, real security needs to be embraced at every level.  It requires management down to every employee, and even other individuals who are part of the work environment.

In short, it takes the community to protect the environment.  We say this often because it’s true and proven over and over again.

Getting Started

Find below three sections that will further inform you about the training that takes place.

  • Training Seminar: It runs about 90 minutes and covers aspects of the challenges, solutions, and how to move forward.  It brings together what you will lean in the Best Practices and how it blends lessons learned evidence based practices, and quality management systems;
  • Collaboration:  We discuss the power of collaboration, how to use stakeholders and the public to inform and manage information that results in a safer community.  This broadens the outlook of a true environment solution in keeping personnel, tenants, customers, and public safety; and
  • Communication:  This focuses on the actual software that comes with the Best Practice, offer a better understanding of what you will be able to do with it and in your environment.

Once you have registered, you will be sent the Best Practice Guide and the Gap Analysis so that you may start examining the Project.  You will also be asked to commit to the Training Session, so you may see first hand how the software works to build upon the Best Practices.  After completion of the software, you will be issued an administrator’s license and an implementation plan so you may start developing a project plan, testing the software, and issuing user apps to test; then move to implement a broader outreach to and involve your environment.

Last, we will be there to assist.  Those moving forward will be enrolled into a Microsoft Teams Committee Channel, have periodic reviews on a group basis, and be able to communicate with other authorities implementing the project.  Further, there will be additional software training on a group basis.  We want you to succeed!

If you have not already downloaded the Practice Introduction Guide, Please Review

This opens up in a booklet form on Adobe.   You may download it as a PDF or use the link and forward the information.

At the top of the page, you saw an airport setting, with a display about human trafficking, this is an on-going program of Delta Airlines.  They have trained all their employees globally, have a comprehensive training program and outreach media.  All adding up to an excellent awareness program.  Below is one of their videos on the same subject – worth a watch.  Awareness projects save lives and build strong relations with internal and external personnel to the public.  Project Griffin did this very same in the entire country of the United Kingdom and is strong today inside their portfolio of tactics within policing, security, and outreach to citizens.  Project Griffin International will build this same trust and results.  The power of Prevent – Protect – Prepare are not just words, but evidence based practices.  We look forward to working with you!

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