Introducing, One Single Global Geo Based App, For Environment Public Safety Communications, Mass Notifications Within the Jurisdiction, Geo-Based Down to A Specific Area, Unlimited Users!, @ No Cost, Making the World a Safer Place.

Working Together As A TEAM to Make the World A Safer Place

The Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department User App shown is used citywide and is an upgraded enterprise system using CAD. *Jurisdiction must be enrolled for the user to receive the global app information from the authority. Users would receive notifications via the social media app if following the government authority.

The Essential software is made available at no cost, on an on-going basis as part of Project Griffin International Program, in part of the Morrone 9/11 Center’s commitment to make the world a safer place.  The only requirement to receive the software is to attend the 90 minute Community Security Best Practice orientation training session.  A program that is built on international evidence-based practices, lessons learned, and security quality management systems. Working with authorities world-wide and in cooperation with the INTERPORTPOLICE, several nations and authorities have contributed to this effort.

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A holistic strategy of security to a Protective Security Management System should fit across the entire security domain and it is recommended that it should be integrated across these domains.

Regardless of your critical infrastructure environment, the threat is real, police, security, and emergency management authorities must always be prepared. Our recommendations addressed evidence-based prevention, protection, and preparedness practices to mitigate the threat of terrorism, other serious crimes, and catastrophic events.  From operational use on a day-to-day basis to any escalating incident, communication, and collaboration with your internal and external personnel to the public is essential.

Understanding how to protect the public, personnel, tenants, critical infrastructure, and transportation security requires renewed thinking. Our goal is to bring you the knowledge to change how you protect your environment.  In addition, providing what is often the Achilles heel – effective communication and collaboration.  Not just internally, but with everyone you need to protect or serve.

Next Generation Technology

10 years of legacy experience; 3 years in the making, One Global App

Multi - Geo - Notifications

Notifications, Information, and Alerts via mass or targeted and specific locations

Pinpoint Location Mapping

Timely information based on where the user is located, broad or specific targeted information

Readability, Optional Intergration

Ground up built enterprise system, standalone or CAD ready

Essential Plan Included Capabilities and Features

  • One Administrative Dashboard license
  • Unlimited user application
  • Mass Notification through authority’s jurisdiction
  • Geo-fenced to specific locations
  • User choice notification of specified locations
  • User choice of following up to 5 authorities
  • Push to Social Media Options
  • Software training
  • Implementation assistance
  • Implementation training & personnel awareness program
  • Sponsored program, available at no cost

Easy to Use Dashboard

Push mass alerts, layered geo-fenced notifications, timely information to unlimited users, providing your connection operationally to crisis management within your jursidiction.

We Shall Never Forget

Our Mission: Make the Environment Safer

Join the Project Griffin INTERNATIONAL (GPI) Team; an evidenced based and sustainable security environment program. And all at no cost!

GPI is a program of the INTERPORTPOLICE

“The MyCMPD application is a game-changer for CMPD as it opens up a critical communications channel for us to connect directly with the public.”

CMPD Chief Jonny Jennings


How the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Are Using Their Application

The MyCMPD Atlas One app allows users to see crimes in the area that have been vetted and pushed to the app in near real-time. Users can receive geo-fenced push notification alerts when a public safety issue occurs nearby a user’s current location or places residents care about such as homes, schools, or offices. In addition, residents will have one-stop-shop access to existing CMPD services and resources such as Crime Stoppers, recruitment, the CMPD website, social media, division officers, and more. Users can also explore nearby incidents, events, places, and interactive guides. A future phase of the app will include interactive photos, videos, documents, and even voice recordings.

See the CMPD - Atlas One User App

Environment Interaction