Now Available – At No Cost

A Primary Alert System Designed to be Available to All Jurisdictions

A Mass Environment Situational Alert System



A global security and public safety app that provides government organizations

with a direct line of communication to the community you serve and protect

Do to the COVID-19 Virus we have accelerated the original April announcement date:

– Now Available, Demo and Training –

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A.  Who is eligible:

  • Chartered Governments
  • Public Authorities
  • First Responder Jurisdictions
  • Selected Security Groups
  • Public Hospitals

B. What the system provides:

  • Geo-fenced areas from as large as the entire jurisdiction, down to a specific and particular areas
  • Multi-layered; the system offers as many geo-fenced areas as required
  • Alerts & Notices; the system can push out geo-based notices
    • At will
    • Scheduled [coming]
    • Location bases (when a user come into that location they are notified)
    • Favorite Place
  • Content Information, during the crisis, posting of critical and resource information to the users

Other features of the system:

  • Pro Alert: Additional features to include: Groups [internal & external], Channels, and Authority embedded web maps showing alerts
  • 2-way user communications
  • Content and resources – made available and included during crisis
  • Incident management
  • Other collaborative tools
  • Private Public Safety App that interact with main platform


How the ATLASONE  smart app works:

  • One app for the whole world
  • As jurisdictions and authorities join; as the end user moves they receive relevant information for that location
  • As mentioned, the user would receive a geo-location map based information notice when:
    • The authority pushes out any type of notice
    • When the authority schedules a notice to go out at a particular time [feature coming soon]
    • When a user comes into a geo-location that has a notification established for at area or place; and
    • When a end user marks a particular location, such as a school, if a notice is sent out the user receives it regardless of their location

Who is the provider and who operates the system:

  • The company the 9/11 Center is working with is called MobilePD, they have been in the law enforcement public safety communication business for over 10 years
  • How many jurisdiction currently use their legacy software system – over 100 police departments, from small to very large
  • The dashboard management is managed and controlled by the jurisdiction / authority
  • The data is owned by the authority or jurisdiction
  • The end user’s smart app are available on the Apple and Goggle stores – a unlimited about of user are provided for any one jurisdiction


A PDF outline of features is forth coming.



Personnel & Guest Portal Information

Collaboration and the sharing of information in secure settings is a mainstay of the Center.  We work with government and commercial partners to identify risks and to reduce the vulnerability.  One of the most common Achilles heel is effective collaborative communications. We look to educate and provide resources within the mass environment sector, and provide or expose outcome solutions so authorities may have the opportunity to eliminate such vulnerability.

Select the appropriate from the portal drop down; and sign in.   For those who are requesting access, please fill out the form below.


GLOBAL DIRECTORY     |     IMO     |     SRMX      |    OFFICE 365

Global Directory

The purpose of the global directory program is to avail communication and collaboration among security leaders globally.  With instant communications and sharing for a safer world.

The Global Directory is a application for invited and referred user.  The portal is hosted on the NetSfere platform; a cloud-based, enterprise messaging service that offers a secure platform for internal communication and collaboration, giving IT total control over messaging across multiple devices. The Global Directory is made available to police, public safety, and security personnel by invitation who have related intelligence and command responsibilities of the eligible sectors. A program of the INTERPORTPOLICE to ensure world wide collaboration.  This program is provided at no cost to the authority.

The Smart App and Desktop program is much like a WhatsApp, but provides centralized administrative control of end-user policies and privileges as mandated by the enterprise for users and applicable guests.  The application offers secure collaboration messaging across the entire ecosystem extending immediacy and contextual benefits of mobile messaging.  The NetSfere App may be downloaded on the Apple Store or Android’s Google Play (IOS, Android, Apple, Web browser & Apple Watch compatibility).

Features:  The app provides users:

  • HD audio communications
  • One to one and group calling
  • Broadcast communication channels
  • Broadcast video
  • Managed guest communications
  • Meeting Scheduling & Polling
  • Screen sharing
  • Add a participant at will
  • Push notifications
  • Typing indicator & confirmed delivery
  • SMS notifications
  • Private and location notifications
  • Regulatory compliance competencies
  • Dedicated groups (Q1 2020)

United Nation’s IMO Web Portal

The portal is available to authorized personnel under agreement with the INTERPORTPOLICE for access notices and documents concerning the International Maritime Organization.


Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365; but has it own app and desktop application. Personnel and guests may be invited into the SRMX TEAM PORTAL for information sharing; and for Committee collaboration and documents.

Operations & Bureau Staff

Personnel are given credentials to the Microsoft Office 365 portal.  Use of the application tools are only for Morrone 9/11 Center requirements and officials programs which includes the some of the INTERPORTPOLICE committees.

SRMX Intel

The SRMX Interactive Intel Portal is available to law enforcement and public safety officers.  The port provides a sharing platform using the TIBCO / tibbr system.  This interactive system currently has over 500 global users.  For additional information email:

We are establishing pilot programs to ascertain effectiveness within transportation, critical infrastructure and mass event environments. If you would like to consider participation or like more information let us know.

Supported Communication Programs

AtlasOne     |     DigitalBlue     |     AWS     |     NetSfere     |     Microsoft     |     Azure

It is the Center’s endeavor to educate and facilitate communication programs that are innovative, that can withstand vulnerability, and are collaborative, and provide secure sharing of media and other information.  To that end we work with governments, authorities, the INTERPORTPOLICE, and private sector to test, analyses, and bring competent solutions to mass environments.  Disclosure: In some instances for our work in development, advice, or referral the Center may be given a fee or donation.