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Make the World a Safer Place

Our Journey Began on September 11, 2002 at the Port Authority 9/11 Memorial

The Morrone 9/11 Team

The Morrone 9/11 Center provides education, research, tech-innovation, and best practices for programs and projects that assist authorities and qualified organization across the globe; and allows assistance to both donor and contributing authorities. Morrone was an innovator, forward thinking, and an advocate to assist countries across the globe to include third world nations.

The Morrone 9/11 Center is a global living memorial to Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety Fred V. Morrone of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. His goals were to bridge countries together around the world in public safety and strive to provide international cooperation on terrorism and other serious crime.

Morrone and his 36 fellow officers perished in the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. Morrone was the executive vice president and incoming president of the board of the INTERPORTPOLICE at the time of his death.

The Morrone Educational fund was established in his memory and with the consent of the family in 2002 at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. In 2016, the Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security became a qualified U.S. 501c3 research and education organization to further support the efforts of making the world a safer place. Efforts focus on transportation security, public safety, critical infrastructure, and mass event environments.

Members of the INTERPORTPOLICE Board and Mrs Virgina Morrone at the
NYNJ Port Authority 9/11 Memorial on September 11, 2002 in New York City

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Our Services



So much of security within critical infrastructre environments requires the use of the internet. This leads to great vurnrability; we are working with leading providers to assit authorities.

Insider Threat

Who knows a security environment better than those who work there. This is a significant problem; but to turn this around , we look to educate the authorites to use those workers to be the eyes and ears to prevent such risk.


We offer the insight from experianced in counterterrorism and security personnel to provide advice and environment audits., from the advisors to assit


Our train the trainer programmes focus on issue that assit officers and officials effectively meet the risk requirments within their security environments.


Working with leading organizationssince 2007 we strive to bring forth collaborative tools for effective collaboration. Jurisdictions must work with several to hundreds of stakeholders. Interaction and the exchange of information is essential.


It has become clear that standarized communication we have relied on for years are not as effective and in fact can fail in crisis ssituations. We work to bring new solutions and ideas for adoption.

Big Data

Access and analyse the big datasets in a cloud-native environment. The datasets on the platform range from satellite imagery in many spectral bands to real-time shipping and flight data with hundreds of millions of data points to analyse.Collaborating to bring facts and figures together to find solutions.


From our leader Supt. Morrone and all the officers parished on 9/11, we shall never forget. Since 2007 we began honoring those who parished; and those who carry on forth excellence of security and public safety through their by their distingished efforts.

Who We Work With

Working to Make the World Safer

The 9/11 Center works with a variety of partners to identify risks to and reduce the vulnerability of public safety and critical infrastructure in places where many people are present; and or is critical infrastructure. Key partners include government departments and devolved government, authorities and other agencies with responsibility for infrastructure and mass environment sectors; businesses and organizations with those sectors that own or operate such infrastructure; and other security specialists and advice delivery partners, including the Police.
Government partnerships: Our strategic approach is based on an ‘all-risk’ model which encompasses terrorist and espionage threats, emergencies and natural hazards. We provide an environment best practice based on evidence based programs at no cost. Also training, certification and additional advice may be available.
Working with the Police: The 9/11 Center works closely with the police globally, in particular we work closely with the International Organization of Airport and Seaport Police – INTERPORTPOLICE, which is an organization that supports the Prevent, Protect and Prepare strands counterterrorism strategy.
The INTERPORTPOLICE supports a network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisers whose primary role is to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of preventative and protective security to specified sectors.
Industry and Academia: Partnership with academia and the private sector is also part of our work. Experts from within a wide variety of academic institutions and private companies work actively with us on the development of our advice.

Being Safe is the Highest Priority